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Welcome to the new look MVCA website

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Welcome to the new look MVCA website. We are really stepping it up a notch this year with this new site plus we have more up our sleeves as the season progresses.

This will be your one stop shop for all required information while playing or simply keeping up to date with old team mates.

More importantly if you can see how we might be able to improve or add to this site, please get in touch and simply contact us with your suggestions.

If you have a story or photo that you want to share with the playing group, again please get in touch.

This year sees the introduction of PlayHQ and just like last year with MyCricket, it is not hard If you are having trouble there is many how to videos to watch if you get stuck. One thing that helped me was going step by step and reading instructions. (not something I am known for)

Damien "Meryl" Bainbridge



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