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Our History

The competition was formed in 1979 and was called the Swan-Helena Veterans Cricket Association. It was created by the steady hands of Kim Millstead, Chris Carmody, and Rod Daws. Four teams from the Swan Valley region comprised the first year's competition with one team, Harlequins, still in the competition today. Later the competition was renamed the Metropolitan Veterans Cricket Association as teams from across the metropolitan area joined the competition.

Team numbers have ebbed and flowed over the last 45 years, with a minimum of four teams, and as at 2023 the MVCA has eight teams. It has been a unique competition, as it's always been self managed and organised around good-will and common sense. Cricket is played in good spirit and comradeship.

The following yarn epitomises the culture and the nature of the MVCA and it's essence should never be ignored

"Many ask why each innings constitutes 33 overs. At the onset of the competition, it was deemed the games would commence at 1pm, so that junior sport could be attended to Saturday mornings. The next important factor was deemed the Swan Valley Sportsmens club opened at 5pm . The rest of the equation was purely a mathematical one. How many overs could be bowled in 4 hours with a 20 minute tea break?"

The rest is history!

The Metropolitan Veterans Cricket Association is alive and well. It has provided wonderful cricket experiences to so many and hopefully, will do so long into the future.

Tony Watson 

Player Harlequins 1998-99 to ... still going ?

President / Chair 2010-2022 

Honour Boards

Premiers 1979-80 to 1988-89

1979-80 : unknown

1980-81 : unknown

1981-82 : unknown

1982-83 : unknown

1983-84 : unknown

1984-85 : unknown

1985-86 : Forrestfield

1986-87 : Teachers

1987-88 : Harlequins

1988-89 : Harlequins

Premiers 2009-10 to 2018-19

2009-10 : Whackers

2010-11 : Harlequins

2011-12 : Barbarians

2012-13 : Barbarians

2013-14 : Whackers

2014-15 : Whackers

2015-16 : Barbarians

2016-17 : Harlequins

2017-18 : Harlequins

2018-19 : Hillbillies

Premiers 1989-90 to 1998-99

1989-90 : unknown

1990-91 : Forrestfield

1991-92 : Whackers

1992-93 : ECU Whackers

1993-94 : ECU Whackers

1994-95 : Harlequins

1995-96 : Whackers

1996-97 : Whackers

1997-98 : Hellenics

1998-99 : Harlequins

Premiers 2019-20 to present

2019-20 : Barbarians

2020-21 : Barbarians

2021-22 : Hillbillies

2022-23 : Hillbillies

Premiers 1999-00 to 2008-09

1999-00 : Hellenics

2000-01 : Hellenics

2001-02 : Swan Valley

2002-03 : Harlequins

2003-04 : Harlequins

2004-05 : St Judes

2005-06 : Harlequins

2006-07 : Harlequins

2007-08 : Harlequins

2008-09 : Whackers

Life Members

2022-23 Tony Watson -

Tony Watson commenced playing for the Harlequins Cricket Club in 1998/1999 season. Playing as a wicketkeeper and middle-order batsman, Tony enjoyed playing with the likes of Milan Trifunovic, Tom Mullooly, Kim Dullard, John Steward and many others. Coincidently as most of the senior players retired from Harlequins (around 2008)  the Home ground at Swan Valley went through significant renovations and the club required another ground. At this stage, Tony was appointed Captain/Coordinator of the Harlequins and was instrumental in the competition relocating to predominantly, to Woodlands Reserve, Woodlands and Luketina Reserve, Wembley Downs. (Tony lives a nine iron from Woodlands Reserve…..another coincident?).

Tony enjoyed creating a no-fuss brand of cricket and the competition stayed pretty consistent for the next decade. One of his greatest achievements was the successful inclusion of the Western Tigers into the competition. He loved his relationship with Sanjay and his charges. Another achievement was to ensure the competition would continue to prosper and with the affiliation with WAVC and begining the moves in making the association a impoartant part of the WA Cricket community.

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