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About MVCA

The MVCA has playing guidelines that are updated annually at the committees preseason meeting, you can read the full playing guidelines found in the MVCA policy page.

If you are an individual or you are interested to create a new team or existing club, get in contact and let's have a chat. (teams need to be finalised by August before the season begins)

Register To Play 

Every individual player must self register.  (no matter what team they are playing for)

Full instructions have been provided on the use of the new PlayHQ platform and we will provide assistance to all players with registrations as required.

Please click on the button below to register.

Where We Play 

Woodlands Reserve

Teakwood ave Churchlands

Dianella Open Space 1+2

Light st Dianella

Luketina Reserve

Buntine rd Churchlands

Yokine Open Space Nth+Sth

Wordsworth ave Yokine

College Park (lower)

Melvista ave Nedlands

Kostera Oval 

Recreation rd Kalamunda

Our Committee 2023-24


Damien Bainbridge 

Team rep for Saints

Team rep

Matthew Bowman

Team rep for Barbarians

Team rep

Sanjay Mukhedkar

Team rep for Western Tigers


Rashmind Danderkar

Team rep for Saints 

Team rep

Graeme Chinnery

Team rep for Western Suburbs Cricket Club (wasta)

Team rep

Sugar Lugade

Team rep for Marratha Warriors


Amit Patil

Team rep for NextClimb Warriors

Team rep

Todd Morey

Team rep for Hillbillies

Deputy Chair

Shaun Duffy

Team rep for Harlequins

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